Maxx Piano Earth Tones

Touching souls with Timeless Emotions

Music the moves the body is everywhere. Its commonplace. However, music that touches the soul and moves the heart is much more difficult to come across. A musical work of art that reaches out to heal or to induce emotion is worth its weight in gold - and Timeless Emotions is just that type of work. It's melodic bliss. If you've ever searched for music and compositions that do more than just move the body and mind - Maxx Piano Earth Tones is your destination. Maxx has aged his first work to perfection over years, and Timeless Emotions is the friut of his labor. This six-track release will soak into your heart

Timeless Emotion is filled with progressive melodies that rise as high and strategically to induce not only feeling, but to tell a storyto the listener. This work is due to be a part of a collection series. The first track "Fearless" opens the album, and each track is almost as if a chapter in a book. "The Gala" and "The Stand" provide what is the apex of the work with an up-tempo classical piano sound with a style remeniscent of the great New Age compositions. "Far and Away" and "Farewell" and the final tow tracks whih immerse the listener with enchanting melodies and masterful piano playing. Maxx's first album release is a dazzling and incredible display of talent.

With the addition of bass, woodwind, and a bit of percussion against an incredible piano solo performance, Maxx shows his influences from such artists as George Winston and Enya. If music has only moved your mind and body lately, it is time to take in Timeless Emotions. Its not only simply an album; it can be a healing journey. Your soul need maximum exposure to Maxx via Timeless Emotions.

Maxx Sneddon - Piano Composer